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Thank you for choosing Jodi Province Counseling Services. We are here to serve you and are currently accepting patients at all five of our North Carolina locations. Below you will everything you need to navigate your first visit. We look forward to meeting you.


Before Your First Visit:

•  Call us to schedule your first appointment then

 download & complete the New Client Packet.  Review the Client Rights & HIPAA information.








Your First Visit:

•  Bring completed New Client Packet

•  Bring a list of all medications including daily dosages

•  Bring insurance information

•  Bring drivers license or identification card

•  Expect your initial visit to last 60 minutes


 If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please contact within 24 hours prior to your appointment time.



Distance Counseling Clients

•  Please Complete New Distance Client Packet & Review Client Rights & HIPPA information.

•  Attach insurance information.

•  Attach a copy of your photo identification.

•  Attach a list of all medications including daily dosages.

•  Mail or fax Packet to Office Address (included in packet)

Information regarding NC licensed counselors can be found at
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