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Kidpower® is a global nonprofit leader  dedicated to providing effective and empowering child protection, positive communication, and personal safety skills for all ages and abilities.  Kidpower also encompasses Teenpower and Fullpower.
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If you are interested in bringing this fun and hands-on program to a children's or teen's event, VBS, or birthday party, please do not hesitate to call us at 336-818-0733 ext. 102. 

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Kidpower North Carolina and Wilkes County Schools have been working together to create a coordinated community response to safety and abuse prevention in Wilkes County. Jodi and Kenneth Province, of Jodi Province Counseling Services, PLLC became certified Kidpower Instructors in 2017 and have been working diligently to bring Kidpower’s child abuse prevention program to all Wilkes County schools. Through Professional training and the support of multiple community organizations and businesses, children in Wilkes County have a greater understanding of what it means to believe in yourself, make good choices about their safety and how to get support from their grownups if they have a safety problem.

In 2017, Jodi and Kenneth had an innovative idea to purchase a school bus and convert it to the “Kidpower Safety Bus.” The mobile bus provides a unique and fun hands-on experience for children to learn Kidpower safety skills. 

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