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Considered distance counseling?  Counseling from your computer or phone with local professionals.  Call, email,, or text 336-984-7591

The Board Certified-Tele-Mental Health Provider credential (BC-TMH) identifies those professionals who are uniquely trained in best practices for delivering traditional behavioral healthcare through technological means. BC-TMH credential holders have met nationally established tele-mental health criteria.

Asynchronous therapy is also available.  Asynchronous therapy means that you communicate with the therapist anytime day or night through a writing platform. You communicate anytime, and using different online tools communicate – at times that work for you.

Computer Software Guidance

Distance Counseling Clients

•  Please complete "Distance Client Packet" above.     (Review Client Rights & HIPPA information.)

•  Attach insurance information if applicable.

•  Attach a copy of your photo I.D.

•  List of all medications including daily dosages.

Distance Counseling Websites:

Please click the link below to be directed to your counselors "waiting room" at the time of your appointment.         Josh Pinkerton                Toria Jenks                 Erica Falls                   Donaiel Allen                      Jodi Province              Taylor Luffman             Melissa Casstevens                    Nicky Englebright                          Deb Wages

                                LuAnn Horton                             Vanessa Doran         Elizabeth Coleman           Valarie Harris                 Vassa Falls                 Kimberly Pennell         Zoee Byrd         Morganne Foley           David Seamon          Shevon Cooper                Karina Link     Emmylou Madison            Beulah Coley               Leslie Smith


Distance Counseling is a service completed online and/or by phone.  Some insurance and third party payers may not reimburse for distance counseling services.  Please check with your insurance company. 

Sessions fees are $125 per 50 minute session. 

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